Objectives of the Conference

The APIC/CEFIC Global GMP & Regulatory API Conference is Europe’s leading API event. Many major stakeholders from Authorities and the Industry are joining this Conference each year. Speakers from EMA, EDQM, FDA, National Authorities, the Industry and Industry Associations will discuss the latest developments in the field of GMP and Regulatory Compliance.

This year is a special year and will be remembered for a long time. The Covid-19 pandemic is shaping our professional environment as well as our private lives. But life goes on and we need and want to educate ourselves.

Therefore the APIC Steering Committee has decided to offer this year’s APIC/CEFIC Global GMP & Regulatory API Conference as a Live Online Conference.

The GMP part of the Conference, of which the final module is a Joint GMP & RA session, provides updates from recent authorities’ initiatives, activities and interpretations related to GMP compliance of API manufacturing. Hear from industry speakers about their approaches and best practices on compliance related to the various existing and emerging aspects of API GMP.